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Transport Lock

TRANSPORT LOCK is a patented device designed to secure a passenger riding in a bus or vehicle. This non-obtrusive method of assuring your passengers can not remove their seat-belt during transport means a safe, calmer ride. Agencies transporting autistic children are using the transport lock to prevent these young passengers from removing their seat-belts while the vehicle is moving.

Simply slip the transport lock over the buckle of your seat-belt and insert the tab. When you arrive at your destination, use a thin object, such as an allen wrench or thin ballpoint pen, to press the release button on the seat-belt.

” Our special needs students head for the door or the driver when they get out of their seatbelt. We have even had one student jump as the driver got the bus stopped.  All of our drivers use the lock when transporting these students. ”

USD Transportation Director

” We transport autistic adults to our daycare facility and needed these locks to keep them in their seat. Many of our drivers were attacked before we started using the lock.  Now our folks travel more calmly knowing they can’t get out of their seatbelts and our drivers feel safe. ”

State Community Service

Transport Lock for Lap Belts

Transport Lock for Seatbelts with shoulder straps