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SEATBELTLOCK is a patented device designed to secure a suspect in the seatbelt. Law enforcement officers no longer have to worry about a prisoner removing their seatbelt during transportation. With SEATBELTLOCK the suspect stays buckled in until the officer uses a handcuff key to release the seatbelt.


"I've been doing this for 21 years. We transport in the front seat and with the SEATBELTLOCK this is the first time I've ever felt completely safe during transport."

Texas State Trooper


This simple device costs about the same as a pair of quality handcuffs and can save a law enforcement agency thousands of dollars in damage to vehicles, potential liability and untold man-hours in recapture of escaped suspects.


"We had a transport to court and it took six deputies to hold the guy down and get him into the car. Once he was buckled in with the SEATBELTLOCK he didn't move"

Deputy Sheriff


"For the first time our officers are not distracted trying to drive and watch the prisoner. With SEATBELTLOCK our officers know the prisoner will be exactly where they placed them when they get to the jail."

Patrol Commander


To view a video about SEATBELTLOCK click here

Used by
Putnam County Sheriff's Office   Alamogordo Police Department   South Carolina Highway Patrol   Hartley County Sheriff   Prairie Village Police Department   Broome County Sheriff's Office   Texas Department of Public Safety   DeSoto Police Department   Green Lake County Sheriff's Office   Michigan Department of Natural Resources   O'Brien County Sheriff   New Mexico State Police   Regional Police of Erie County   Riverwoods Police   Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office   Brownsville Police Department   Grant County Sheriff   St. Edwards University   Chemango County Sheriff's Office   Eastland County Sheriff   Hummelstown Police   Naperville Park Police   Pinal County Sheriff   Colfax Police Department   Shawnee PD   Seward County Sheriff's Office   St. Charles County Sheriff Department   New Castle Police Department   Montgomery County Sheriff's Office   Colonial Heights Police Department   Plano Police Department   Otter Tail County Sheriff's Office   Liberal Police Department   Flathead County Sheriff   New Baltimore Police Department   Grand County Sheriff   Stowe Police Department   U.S. Marshal's Service   Cross County Sheriff's Department   Denton Police   Mahnomen County Sheriff's Office   Overland Park Police Department   Teton County Sheriff's Department   Washington County Sheriff's Office   Springville Police Department   Parmer County Sheriff's Office   Truro Police Department   Stone County Sheriff's Office   Prince William Police Department   Lawrence PD  

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