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SEATBELTLOCK is a patented device designed to secure the stretcher restraining belts in an ambulance while a patient is transported. This non-obtrusive method of assuring your patient does not remove their straps during transport means a safe, calmer ride. Peace of mind for the EMT, allows them to assist the patient and control their own safety.

The SEATBELTLOCK can be used with or without the shoulder straps. We do recommend using one lock on the chest belt and one lock on the waist belt. When two locks are used, the patient cannot reach the button to unlock their stretcher restraint straps.


” We transport all the mental cases and found that strapping their arms to the sides of the stretchers created even more stress for our patients.  Now we use the lock on both the top and middle buckles and it allows them to move their arms and hands.  We see much less panic. ”

Kansas EMT